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I love colour and skinny lattes. You could say I’m a bit of a stationery addict, you’d be correct.

my story began at school

It was the support of my secondary school art teacher who encouraged me to pursue a career in the creative arts industry, that I first found my passion.

In 2006, I landed my first job in the industry as a Junior Designer at a publishing house. I have been a Graphic Designer ever since, and I feel blessed to say that I still love my career, almost two decades later.

In 2015, I was searching for stationery, but all I found was of cheap quality and not stylish enough to display. It was then that I realised there was a gap in the market for Australian-made stationery. This is how the stationery side of Curious Llama came to be, combining my love of beautiful design with high-quality printed products.

I completely understand the juggling of family, work, study, and household responsibilities, and I produce stationery that helps me stay focused with my time. I hope it will do the same for you too.



My design career started way back in 2006 which makes me feel slightly old when said out loud but it’s great news for you as it means I bring nearly two decades of industry experience to your project.



I’ve designed 12-page brochures and 300+ page publications, social media assets and full website designs, point-of-sale marketing materials and trade fair assets and just about everything in between.



Our family business believes it’s important to give back where we can so we proudly donate 5% of stationery sales to SANDS Australia, Cancer Council Australia and Heart Foundation Australia each year.

WHY IS MY BIZ CALLED curious llama?

I get asked this a lot! The name Curious Llama came from a holiday I took in 2003 with my then-boyfriend (now hubby) where we spent 14 weeks travelling through South America. What an epic adventure that was.

We came across many a llama during our time there, even on the Inca Trail which was an incredibly gruelling trek but so very worth it when we awoke at 4am to complete the trail so as to arrive for sunrise over Machu Picchu.

We thought the llamas were such fascinating-looking creatures, but the way they looked us up and down with such curiosity made my husband remark – Curious Llama, now that would make a great business name. So I took his advice and here we are today, a design + stationery business that owes its name to a very curious creature with many happy memories attached.

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