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The Bare Bird

A 4-week contract to revamp social media assets became an incredible 3 years of dedicated support for their Digital Marketing channels.

The Bare Bird is renowned for producing free-range chicken products that are 100% antibiotic-free, sourced from accredited farms in Central Victoria.

They approached me to help convey their brand values through social media, aligning with their fresh new brand direction. The response was overwhelmingly positive, setting the stage for a long-term partnership where I played a pivotal role in expanding their Digital Marketing presence. 

I fine-tuned their social media strategy with a dynamic blend of paid and organic content, incorporating Reels, Stories, and Facebook covers to engage their audience across various brand touchpoints. Additionally, I introduced and nurtured their email marketing channel, consistently achieving above-standard open rates for their industry. Together, we crafted a vibrant and authentic online presence that truly reflects their brand’s essence. I take pride in being an integral part of their initial growth story.

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