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Niche Media

Niche Media, a boutique publishing company in Melbourne, provided the perfect environment for me to flourish as a publication designer.

During my tenure at Niche Media, my passion for print design blossomed, and I dedicated myself to refining my skills as a publication designer. Each publication under the organisation’s umbrella boasted its own unique style, demanding my adaptability and flexibility as a designer. My creativity and work ethic quickly saw me art-directing a diverse range of publications, ranging from 80-page monthly magazines to 300+ page annual titles.

The fast-paced nature of the print industry, (hello last-minute ad sales!), honed my ability to swiftly adjust layouts to accommodate sudden changes, effectively ensuring the realisation of sales budgets. This constant dynamism within the industry served as a catalyst for my growth as a publication designer and deepened my commitment to producing designs that were both timeless and engaging.

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