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In Essence

During my time as Freelance Graphic Designer for In Essence, I provided design solutions for various seasonal and limited-edition product launches.

In Essence is dedicated to providing therapeutic aromatherapy through its range of aromatherapy oils, essential oils and diffusers. In Essence reached out to me to produce a concept for their 2021 Christmas Collection. Though faced with a tight deadline of only one week, I embraced the challenge with confidence and determination. Never one to shy away from a deadline, and fuelled by coffee and a lack of sleep, I presented three distinct concepts. Ultimately, one of these concepts was chosen to grace their highly-anticipated Christmas Gift Collection.

While the project brief stipulated a concept that delicately balanced the festive spirit without overshadowing its longevity on the market, we needn’t have worried as the collection sold out nationally in record time. Following this resounding success, I was privileged to extend my collaboration with In Essence for an additional eight months, delivering custom-designed solutions for a range of seasonal releases and exclusive product launches.



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